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At Foymore Lodge Shooting School



For shooters with their own shotgun and current, valid firearms certificate, we have a variety of clay pigeon shooting layouts.  These are suitable for those with limited experience through to the more advanced shooters.  Whether you are a clay pigeon shooter who wants some practice or a game shooter looking for clay pigeon targets that simulate those in the field, we have it covered!


Offering a range of clay pigeon targets from high and low traps, this discipline challenges your ability to move quickly between differing targets.  With 5 stands and each stand having a single target, report pair and simultaneous pair, this allows a maximum of 5 shooters to shoot this discipline at any one time.  Shooter number one shoots their first target, then shooter number two and so on up through the line of shooters.  When it comes back to shooter number one they then shoot their report pair and continue up the line of shooters, finally followed by the simultaneous pair.  Once all five shooters have shot their simultaneous pair, they all move one stand to the right and repeat this pattern until all five shooters have shot each stand.


The mini sporting layout is unique to Foymore Lodge.  With targets presented just above ground level, this is a fast moving discipline where up to five shooters compete at a time.  This discipline is shot in a similar way to the compact sporting, only in the mini sporting, there are no simultaneous pairs.  All pairs are shot on report.


As the name suggests, the High Tower at Foymore Lodge offers a variety of simulated high birds, released from a specially commissioned trap located on our recently extended high tower.  They simulate high driven pheasant up to a height of 35 metres and crossing pigeon/pheasant/duck out to a range of 55 metres.  With the trap in full oscillation mode it ensures that no two targets are thrown the same.


This layout is designed primarily for the more experienced shooter and is another feature not to be missed.  An ideal layout to practice for sporting competitions or for clubs or individuals who are interested in simulated field shooting.  Targets at each stand can be anything that is safe. The types of targets thrown are often named according to the type of game they simulate such as ‘rising teal’, 'crossing pigeon' or ‘high driven (pheasant)’.  There is even a target that is thrown so that it rolls and bounces on the ground, called a ‘rabbit’. 


For Individual Shooters & Groups,
Please call: 
028 38 338 755  
Maximum Group Sizes of 30

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